Door Knockers?

Our technicians have been busy meeting with homeowners in Fort Collins and Windsor after last weeks hailstorm and a common story we hear from almost every homeowner is the crazy amount of door knockers they've encountered already. One person told us that she has had 12 different salesmen knock on her door! Some as early as 7:30am and as late as 8:30pm in the past week.

DOOR KNOCKING companies flock from all over the state and country. Be patient, determine your needs, research the right company for you, and don't allow yourself to be pressured.

If you are asked to sign anything by a solicitor knocking on your door, don't sign it right away and don't assume it is just an estimate or permission to get on your roof. The majority of the time it is a roofing contract and probably includes a 20% cancellation fee.

We hear about all kinds of ways homeowners are dealing with the onslaught of door knockers and some of them are brilliant. Check out this clever way sent to us by good friends earlier this year.

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