Insurance Claims

Hail is one of the most destructive types of weather we see here in Colorado. Every year, hail causes a wide variety of damage to homes and businesses in our state. 

At Slaughter Roofing, we want to ensure that you only file a claim for hail with your insurance company if you need to. We have adjusters on staff who a accurately assess any damage you might have experienced. Integrity and honesty are important to us and we will do our absolute best to provide you with all of the information (even if we do not reroof your home) so you can make an informed decision going forward. Please use this information to help you better understand hail damage and the insurance process. 

Understanding Hail Damage

There are many factors that go into determining if your roof has sustained hail damage. A professional from Slaughter Roofing will inspect your roof to determine if you have sustained hail damage and/or enough hail damage to file a claim. 

The main characteristics of hail damage to asphalt shingles that we are looking for include:

  • Random damage with discernible pattern.
  • Hail hits that are black in color.
  • Loss of granule, which may expose roof felt.
  • Asphalt and/or mat that appears shiny
  • Hail hits that are soft to the touch, like the bruise of an apple.
  • Amount of hail hits on each slope of your home. 

It is important to have a professional, local, and experienced company inspect your roof for hail because other types of damage to shingles may be mistaken for hail damage. For example, exposure to inclement weather and sunlight makes shingles brittle and gives them an aged appearance. This normal wear and tear of shingles, which is sometimes misidentified as hail damage, may also include:

  • Blistering
  • Flaking
  • Cracking
  • Algae
  • Granule Loss

Manufacturing defects and mechanical imperfections in shingles may also be mistaken for hail damage.

Tips For Choosing A Quality Contractor

No Solicitors

Stay away from door-knockers and high pressure sales tactics. Don't just let anyone on your roof. Find a trusted, local contractor like Slaughter Roofing to assess if there is any insurable damage and then contact your insurance company. 

Don't Sign Anything

If you are asked to sign anything by a solicitor knocking on your door, don't sign it right away and don't assume it is just an estimate or permission to get on your roof. The majority of the time it is a roofing contract and probably includes a 20% cancellation clause.


A business history in your area is a must. Call local references as well as the BBB. Check for a permanent business address and phone number. Take time to find out what you need and who you're working with. Understand that quality contractors will inevitably be busy. 

Protect Your Investment

A new roof is a major investment. From start to finish, use good common sense when selecting someone to work on your home. Low bids can often mean someone is cutting corners to make a profit. Price should not be the sole determining factor when choosing a contractor. Determine your needs, don't allow yourself to be pressured, make a smart decision and you'll be please with your investment.